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Some of the features & benefits that Airport Management would be able to avail are mentioned below.

  • Number of trolleys available
  • Location of these available trolleys
  • Number of trolleys required
  • Location of these required trolleys
  • Effective Costing
  • Stock Management
  • Categorization of Trolleys as per batch/date of purchase/vendor
  • Trolley management at conveyor belts
  • Lowered total trolleys required
  • Trolley advertising management
  • Real-Time Alerts when Trolley removed from Airport boundary
  • Airport specific customizable reports & alerts
  • Identification of bottle necks
  • Accurate forecasting of future needs
  • Scalable – can grow with the airport

Customers & Passengers are passed on most of the benefits.

  • No waiting for trolleys after landing or on arrival at the airport
  • Less rush through effective planning
  • Better trolley condition
  • Customer specific advertising