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Fleet Solutions


Today, global positioning systems (GPS) and sensor technologies offered by xiTix permit complete real time - in-route monitoring and proof of product entry closure, level and location. In addition to providing quality assurance to customers, those same capabilities will answer to many of the new federal product protection requirements by regulatory bodies.

This solution is in three separate parts and integrated into one solution to meet all the concerns of the industry.

  1. Truck monitoring. All GPS Tracking and fleet management systems will be available.
    1. RFID readers integrated with GPS Trackers will be installed in the truck.
    2. All GPS features as per the GPS white paper will be available to this truck.
  2. Tube (Tank) monitoring.
    1. RFID locks will be installed in the Tube.
    2. Locks on all opening on the tank will be installed to monitor the opening and closing times, as well as authorized as well as un authorized openings etc,
    3. Locks will also be attached to the pump which will tell you when and where fluid has been pumped out.
  3. Married unit monitoring. (Manual merger of Tube and Truck when attached to each other, and then monitored as one.
    1. Full integrated GPS information of the combined units as ONE.

xiTix Monitoring Systems (TMS) provide secure transport coupled with the monitoring of product from the pick-up to the plant. RFID locks are installed in the truck/ tanker as well as the on the pump through which the Fuel/Oil is pumped out from. The system comprises of a RFID/GPS unit, Sim Card, lock Open/Close Status in regards to the compartments that need to be monitored. Data collected real time is uploaded to xiTix servers allowing management to view reports as well as instant alerts on the status of their vehicles and its open time.Alerts are fully customizable to that of the requirements of the client.

Several geo-fencing features are integrated into the system, that allow for instant alerts when locks are opened in non-approved areas allowing management to locate the vehicle instantly as well as contact the driver responsible for the safe transportation of the vehicle and material.

Our solution is a Web-Based System, which offers significant cost saving by improving efficiency, reducing data transcription and operating costs, minimize investigations as well as reducing wait times at the plant. Managers need access to data to increase performance and reduce costs as well as take immediate action against flaws in the system.

The use of the driver fob allows for management to hold accountable and ensure efficiencies are met.

Benefits of xiTix TMS:

  • Location based scheduling.
  • Alerts and Reports for Open/Close time of the seals.
  • Route Selection.
  • Value and compartment Open/Close time.
  • Un-authorized opening of the valve – via location.
  • Wireless Marrying of Truck & Tanker.
  • Trace and Performance Reports.
  • Real-Time Alerts on temperature drops and rise.
  • SMS Messaging Module.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Maintenance of product integrity.