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School Solutions

Real Time Exception Reporting system (ReTSER)

  1. At the time when a student enters or exits school gate the students need to "tap" their personal ID cards at reader installed locations or register their attendance via finger print. This is "Proximity reading" which requires individual cards should be taken close to the reader so that it can be read. The students will be marked as "present" with this event.

  2. The System will send SMS (OR Alert via APP) to all parents of absent children informing them of their wards absence from the college within 10 minutes of college start time. A similar SMS (OR APP Alert) will be send to parents to inform when their children come late to college, leave late or leave early from college.

  3. The principal's office will have a manual over ride facility for registering students who have forgotten or have misplaced their card. The college may allow this based on college policy.

  4. Any student exiting from the school campus before the school closing time has to register his/her own card on to the specific reader authorized by the principal.

  5. All cards registered on this specific reader before the school end time, will prompt the system to send an Alert to the parent to keep them informed about their child's early exit.

  6. While children are leaving school - If required by the school , students can tap their registered cards to send out an alert to parents that they are intact now leaving school.