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School Solutions

xiTix Library Management School System

Libraries across the globe have started to use RFID to speed up the check in/out process as well as control the theft and ease of inventory control in library. Through a mixture of RFID and Barcode technology, we have created an ideal solution for schools to manage their libraries as well as all other school activities. As all other xiTix Solutions, Li-ST too is a real time solution which allows for greater accessibility and transparency when it comes to running of the library, and therefore, in the dispensing of education through books and reading materials. All of this is then complimented with our real time alerts/reminders as well as account management allows Li-ST to be the perfect solutions for all schools. Alerts on book return time, overdue fines, and reserved book availability are all options available for the students as well as parents.

This is not all; kids do not need to carry their existing ID-cards (if any) since this works also as an ID & Attendance cum Cash card. So practically all students only need to carry one single card that works for all. For the highest level of security, all records & information can ONLY be accessed through the xiTix WEB Platform. Different levels of access can be predefined and customizable reports are available. Parent and student log-in is also available to ensure more parental interest in the education of the child.

xiTix delivers a system that works on its own in the most efficient way. The Bus CCTV Solution will enable you to extract captures and records critical information in form of video fromlocation or transits in where the system is installed.

xiTixBus CCTV Solution aids in protecting and reassuring the safety and comfort of passengers by reducing vandalism and other criminal or destructive activity. Bus CCTV solutions helps to reduce the liability of transportation organization from any kind of false claims.

With the above objectives are achieved, xiTix Bus CCTV Solution allows you to have full monitoring control over your fleet. It is a complete solution of all your worries to minimize operational costs, increase revenues and assured customer comforts.

Our Typical Solution

  • Multi-channel high resolution camera recording to cover all internal areas and activities including boarding and alighting zones, passenger seating areas, fare transaction zones, driver and passenger interactions and forward and rear facing views for roadway and accident management.
  • Audio surveillance for monitoring and recording passenger / driver interactions, threats and abuse.
  • Integrated GPS tracking and multi-channel vehicle data recorder to compliment and assist in incident investigation, driver assessment and vehicle operational analysis
  • An inboard installed mobile DVR maybe used or an Advanced wireless based DVR allows for all footage to be uploaded to our servers when within the vicinity of wireless internet. CCTV recovery and equipment maintenance and reporting system to support and control large-scale transit CCTV implementation.