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Fleet Solutions


xiTix brings you a state of art solution for tracking, monitoring, controlling and managing your entire asset of vehicles in most efficient way. You could achieve all this from your control room or sitting at your desk having real time information on your entire fleet. The GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution from xiTix does all that you ever needed from a GPS Vehicle Tracking System, to track your asset. It can answer all your questions such as :

  • What is the utilisation of your fleet of vehicle?
  • Entry & Exit times of your vehicles from different location?
  • Where is the vehicle currently?
  • Which route has did the vehicle follow?
  • What is the efficiency of entire fleet?
  • What is the time taken at each location?
  • How is the performance of your drivers?
  • Does your driver maintain the defined time speed limit?
  • Which location did your driver over speed and at what time?
  • Can you disable/immobilize the vehicle by just a "click" of a mouse no matter where it is?

With these questions answered Vehicle Tracking Solution allows you to have full control over your assets. It is a complete solution of all your worries to minimize operational costs, increase revenues and assured customer comforts.

How our solution will help you :

  • Increase Fuel efficiency of your fleet.
  • Track your entire fleet Real time.
  • Full control due to complete monitoring.
  • Cut maintenance cost and increase life of your vehicles.
  • Maximize vehicle utilization.
  • Records data up to 6 months and archived data up to 12 months.
  • Proactive reporting and Reminders.
  • Personalized web portal for dedicated reporting.
  • Instant SMS Alert on breaking Geo Fence and Speed limits.