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Fleet Solutions


The ReTSER Bus Solution from xiTix does all that you ever needed, to control your School Bus Transportation System.

  • What time the student boards and gets off the bus?
  • What location the Student boards and gets off the Bus?
  • Entry & Exit times of your Bus from different location?
  • Which route your Bus travels?
  • What time taken at each location?
  • How is the performance of Driver?
  • How well is the bus being utilized?
  • What is the efficiency of the entire bus transportation system?
  • Get SMS when Child boards the bus on way to school.
  • Get SMS when Child gets off the bus on way back.
  • Confirm Your child’s presence on the bus
  • Get SMS when bus reaches school (optional)
  • Get SMS when bus leaves school (optional)
  • Get One Stop Pre-arrival SMS for bus on pickup/drop journey (optional)
  • Find bus location via SMS Polling
  • Find bus location via APP (smartphone)
  • Find bus via web-portal
  • SMS Broadcasting facilities for school (Route Wise, Bus Wise) when needed!!