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The management of 1000s of coolers/freezers/carts spread out over the country is a monumental task. Beverage companies report cooler losses in the hundreds of thousands every single year due to theft, misplaced and unaccounted assets. This doesn't even begin to consider the lost sales revenue due to long down times, long restocking intervals and often- product damaged due to temperature fluctuations.

Enter CQR. Developed in 2012 and having undergone numerous improvements and feature add-ons, CQR is an intelligent end-to-end solution that is developed specifically for bottlers/beverage suppliers to drastically cut losses from all these loose ends.

So here are the steps

  1. A hardware device in fixed to the coolers. This can be factory-fitted, or also fitted to existing coolers on field.
  2. The hardware transmits a wide range of data to our servers in real time. (Geo-Location, temperature, door openings, power consumption, compressor temperature, etc)
  3. Our software algorithm computes all of this information and is able to detect behavioural anomalies in real-time. Through this we are able to convert this data into actionable recommendations. The concerned parties (for their respective criteria managed) are sent these notifications in real time where they can act accordingly.

Looking for the best freezer on wheels tracking and management solution? xiTix provides the best chiller and cooler location tracking and monitoring solution. Contact us to know features better.
Present: Xitix offers Visi - Cooler tracking and monitoring which records the hourly temperature profile of the cooler and its GPS based location.

We proudly offer the most comprehensive feature list, at the most competitive rates in the market. Please feel free to contact us to understand the features better or to organize a live demo.