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School Solutions


xiTix can assist in making your school cashless. Highlights of our solutions mentioned below.

  • A 24/7 Web based (online) access to view the Student transaction history at any time later.
  • Parents are able to set a daily spending limit online.
  • Parents are able to restrict certain items online. This is done keeping allergies, nutritional value and religion in mind.
  • Parents have ease of mind that students have access to funds for lunch. No worry about arranging for cash on hand.
  • Reducing cash on school grounds saves time and reduces risks related with cash handling.
  • Teaching Children early how to manage money and budgets.
  • Increases speed of service line for recess & lunch due to non-handling of cash.
  • This card system can be used for other school items by the students at school shops including uniforms & stationery.
  • Transaction history allows the school to report on meal uptake – as well as nutritional data, which enable reporting of eating habits.
  • With less cash being carried, there is less chance that it will be lost or stolen.
  • Customizable credit limit for the child. To be set by parent/school.
  • Menu visibility for parents and staff.
  • Canteen administration is able to control pilferage as well as have stock accountability.
  • One card does all, Attendance in schools, Attendance in the bus, library management and Cashless school spending.