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The features and benefits of the system are several and many – Some of them are mentioned below

  • Accurately identify and authorize vehicle movement
  • Collect and record vehicle movement data
  • Analyze traffic patterns to maximize facility utilization
  • Increase security within the parking facility
  • Manage staffing for peak traffic periods
  • Relieve congestion
  • Improve customer service
  • RFID xiTags attached to vehicles help automate access to communities
  • Can help monitor vehicle activity at times of entry and exit via camera
  • RFID xiTag allows handsfree activation of entry exit barriers
  • Each access is recorded in the RFID reader, online or computer database to maintain history of access activities and administer the billing of monthly/daily fees
  • Can send out automatic notifications when a vehicle enters of leaves the lot
  • Eliminates manual record keeping, increasing accuracy and productivity
  • Comprehensive revenue management
  • Leads to shorter queues at auto-pays as waiting time reduced drastically
  • Optimum usage of vertical and horizontal parking space
  • Automatic processing of parking fees based on different categories and levels.
  • Reduction in MD kV A
  • Reduction in kWHr Consumption
  • Avoidance of PF Penalty
  • Reduction in kVAHr Charges
  • Maintained PF at required high values
  • Availing PF Incentive
  • Economical with fast payback period

Indirect Benefits

  • Reduction/Avoidance of End Termination Darkening or Burn Outs
  • Reduction/Avoidance of Motor winding Failures
  • Improved System Performance due to Healthy Voltage
  • Low Electric Break Downs/ Reduced Plant Down Time
  • Compact in size
  • Minimizing the line losses and harmonics
  • Advance 3-Phaze controller