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    Information regarding your school bus, its location and your childs presence - Real time.

    School Bus Attendance Solution

    Get real time alerts on your child's presence in the school.

    School Attendance Solution
  • Asset Tracking

    Real Time information regarding all your assets - remote or stationary.

    Asset Tracking

    get real time information ranging from location to temperature.

    Cooler Tracking & Monitoring Solution
Industry Expertise

Industry Expertise

Being in the industry for more than 7 Years we've been able to successfully specialise in various technologies and wireless communications spanning several industries from education, transportation, power and many more.

Solution Offerings

Solution Offerings

Monitor & Manage all your assets with the click of a button. All our solutions can be made wireless with basic plug and play capabilities. Get ready for a totally customised solution for your needs.

Explore Our Solutions

Explore Our Solutions

Check out our solutions page to see what various solutions we offer. Want something you can't find on our website? Give us a call and well do our best to see what we do for you.


Welcome to xiTix

SFT Technologies is a young and dynamic organization with technocrats who are equipped with years of experience in the field of GPS, GPRS, GSM, RFID, its applications, designs and integration. Our integrated applications and solutions provide real time information on tracking of asset/resource management to businesses. We cater to the needs for businesses who are interested in cost effective and efficient tracking, computing, and data capture of their assets thus reducing misuse of assets that are remotely placed. With this critical real-time information at their fingertips, business managers can make quick, efficient decisions that result in improved business operations.

Technology is on the move and RFID and GPS are the future. We at SFT Technologies can solve your monitoring and tracking issues using specialized software and hardware integration. Backed by years of experience in GPS, GPRS, GSM and RFID technology and its applications, designs and integration, we enable businesses to access real-time information anytime and anywhere.